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Green pot filled with shade plants

Four Fall Pot-ups

"What can I plant in fall?" We get this question a lot. We’ve provided four fabulous fall recipes with varying sun requirements. You're not limited to planting these recipes in containers, as you can take these combinations and repeat them in a border as well.
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red white and blue flowers

Red, White & Bloom Pot-Ups

Celebrate the Memorial Day, 4th of July, or Labor Day holidays with one of our colorful container recipes. Plant one of these or cook up your own blend of fillers, spillers and thrillers in your favorite pot. Make sure grouped plants have the same light and water requirements. 

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Pansy flowers in a basket

Vibrant Violas & Plentiful Pansies

What’s not to love about pansies and violas? Their charming little flowers are available in an unbeatable array of colors and patterns. They bloom prolifically throughout winter, when most other plants are dormant. Plus, they’re one of the easiest cool-season...

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Snapdragon flowers

Chill Out with Winter Annuals

Winter annuals offer rays of sunshine on cold, dreary days. Add some color to your winter beds, borders and containers. Here are just a few of our favorites: Iceland Poppy (Papaver nudicaule) Large colorful flowers with rumpled petals nod gracefully...

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