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Summer Series Part I, Mediterranean

Summer Series Part I, Mediterranean

Taking its cue from the coastal areas of Spain, Italy, and France, the Mediterranean gardening style combines plants that provide texture, color, and structure, alongside more formal accents. Here are a few of our suggested plants for Mediterranean landscape that saves on water.
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Pineapple Guava

Drought Tolerant Plants

Did you know it can take two years for your plant to become drought tolerant? Your brand new plant has a very small root zone, and developing a much larger root zone happens in three steps: the first six months, the second six months, and forever after.

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Silver Grass 'Morning Light'

Grasses for the Masses

Have you considered adding ornamental grasses to your landscape? With so many varieties to choose from, you can select your favorites for container gardens and beds. Take a look at a few of our recommendations. 
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Water wise mediterranean plant

Landscape for Our Mediterranean Climate

Plants that are suited for our Mediterranean climate require less pest management, and they tolerate the cycles of local precipitation. Many plants thrive in our climate, draw beneficial wildlife, and look attractive all year; find out about a few of our recommendations. 
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