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Winter root veggies

Fall Veggie Garden

You might be seeing some growth on those cool-season veggies you planted by seed or put in by plant. Now is the time to take a closer look to make sure they are doing well. We have some advice on thinning, fertilizing, and adjusting irrigation to meet the growing root zones. 

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A selection of winter veggies

Fall Veggie Prep

Warm soils and temperatures at summer’s end are the perfect time to start 
cool-season veggies. Those veggies will take advantage of that warmth to significantly grow before it cools down in winter. Our gurus have put together four simple steps to prep for cool-season veggies. Lettuce, kale, peas, beets, chard and so much more are going to thrive in your winter garden.
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Green Acres 5 gal bucket with fall gardening items

Fall Gardening

If you're thinking about growing a vegetable garden this fall or would like to gift someone with the perfect fall gardening kit, we have some great suggestions for an easy, all-in-one growing kit, that is sure to please green thumbs everywhere—from beginners to seasoned gardeners.
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Raised bed veggie garden

Maximize Your Vegetable Harvest

The thrill of seeing a garden thriving and bursting with homegrown veggies is one of the highlights of summer. Whether your garden consists of a single patio pot, the entire back yard, or several acres, our garden gurus are offering their tried-and-true tips to maintain a bumper crop of veggies all season long.
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Herb Garden in Terracotta Pots

Mediterranean Mix

We're kicking off our Summer Series with a live event! Join us for a creative, hands-on garden project, we'll walk you through an herb-inspired cocktail, and our guest DJ will provide the music mixes to shake it up. Get the details.
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Ripe apricots on tree

Fruit Trees

There is something very satisfying about planting a tree and nurturing it to produce delicious, fresh fruit. We all want fruit trees that thrive and provide enough fruit to share with family, friends, and the entire neighborhood—and the way in which we water, fertilize, prune, and thin will influence how much the tree produces each year. Read on for tips.
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Blueberry 'Misty'

Edible Gardening

If you’re looking to grow fruit that can be enjoyed by the whole family, consider planting blueberries. The taste, health benefits, and beauty of the plants themselves, make blueberries a very popular addition for many gardens. Read on for advice on how to choose, plant, and care for these easy-care edibles.
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Wild Boar Farms

Wild Boar Farms

We're happy to partner with Wild Boar Farms this year to provide interesting tomato varieties that have colorful characteristics alongside unforgettable flavor. 
Below is a list of the Wild Boar varieties we're offering at our nurseries this season, including a few favorites from last season—like Brad's Atomic Grape and Pineapple Pig. Other varieties are new and ready for a taste test... Atomic Fusion, anyone?
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Tomato 'Better Boy'

Edible Gardening

The taste of home-grown, fresh tomatoes is one of the joys of our long, hot summers. Get the most our of your tomato harvest with these tips about soil, fertilizer, irrigation, tomato cages, and tips to prevent common diseases and insects that like tomatoes as much as we do!

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