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Snow In Summer Perennial

Firewise Landscaping

We're often asked about plants that are suited for a firewise landscape. We have a selection of some of our favorites that do well in our region. But plants are just one part of creating a firewise landscape, so we've included links to some experts who know the best practices for establishing defensible space.
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Climbing a Tree

Best Trees for Climbing

Trees can provide many benefits to your home and neighborhood, and let's not forget that trees can also provide fun and adventure. Looking up at the sturdy limbs of established trees, who doesn't want to climb to the top and see what's happening in the neighborhood? Count me in! Here are a few of our favorite trees to climb.
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Purple Butterfly Bush

Firewise Landscaping

Fire-wise landscaping is primarily about surrounding your home with the least flammable plant choices possible, not overplanting, and keeping up with yard maintenance to prevent the build-up of flammable debris. 
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