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Chinese Pistache Tree in Fall Color

November Garden Tasks

November gives us a comforting, quiet change in our gardens and yards. To keep everything in good health, there are a few tasks we can do in November with irrigation, dormant care to control disease and pests, and planning for all the brand new bareroot fruit trees, roses, and vines we get to bring home in winter.

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MP Rotator Nozzle

Irrigate Efficiently

There is great news for our lawns! Just by trading out your old sprinkler heads for MP Rotators, you can grow a healthier, stronger lawn without using more water. To make the deal even sweeter, MP Rotators qualify for many rebates through your city or water provider.



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July Garden Tasks

July Garden Tasks

The message is loud and clear that it is hot out there. You put a lot of hard work and planning into your yard and garden, and we want to make sure it sails through our hot summers. Read through our July Garden Task list for advice to keep your cool when heat hits your garden. 

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Garden with raised beds

June Garden Tasks

June is when summer comes to stay and everything is growing! Our June Garden Tasks keep your yard and garden humming along beautifully with pointers on fertilizing, weed control, and managing insects and disease.

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Purple flowers near sprinkler system

Irrigation Efficiency

Irrigation efficiency is not only key to water conservation, it is also key to the health of your plants.

Inefficient irrigation is a common cause of plants succumbing to pests and disease. Be sure to water the depth of the root zone every time, and let the soil dry out a few inches below the surface before watering again. 

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