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Pretty In Pink Eden® Climbing Rose

Pick the Perfect Rose For Your Garden

Roses have been a timeless classic for many gardeners over the centuries, offering beautiful blooms and color year after year. Due to their well-deserved popularity, they have been created in an abundance of different varieties. From high climbers to low growing carpet roses we will break down who's who in the rose world. 
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Hybrid Tea Rose 'Enchanted Peace'

Rose Varieties 2022

We've just received fresh shipments of roses for the spring and summer gardening seasons. Plant this classic garden shrub for beautiful flowers, in many shapes, sizes, and fragrances. Choose from over 50 varieties of hybrid tea, grandiflora, floribunda, climbing roses and more. 
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'Elle' Hybrid Tea Rose

Winter Rose Care

Winter is an important time of year for roses. If you provide your beauties with a little TLC now, you'll have healthy, happy plants through the coming seasons. It's time for dormant sprays, pruning, and feeding. Read on about the basics for each task and resources for more information. 
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Chinese Pistache Tree in Fall Color

November Garden Tasks

November gives us a comforting, quiet change in our gardens and yards. To keep everything in good health, there are a few tasks we can do in November with irrigation, dormant care to control disease and pests, and planning for all the brand new bareroot fruit trees, roses, and vines we get to bring home in winter.

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Aphids on a plant

An Ounce of Prevention

Spring is here, the weather is warming up in the garden, and that means we’re seeing a lot more activity among our plants—both good and not so good. Many of you have contacted us with questions about what’s going on in your garden, so we’ve pulled together answers to some common questions about pest and disease problems, along with recommended treatments.  

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Celestial Night Floribunda Rose

Keeping Your Roses "Rosy"

You've been enjoying your roses all season long, so why stop now? Help keep them blooming and happy with these simple guidelines for watering, deadheading, and fertilizing.
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Rose 'Vavoom'

A Few Tips To Get Your Rose Garden Started

Roses are in full bloom right now and there are so many varieties to choose from—each with their own spectacular color and special characteristics. But don't be intimidated by their beauty; roses are actually easier to care for than you might think. The main aspects involved in caring for roses are: planting, watering, fertilizing and pruning. Simply put, with the correct amount of water and sunlight, and a little bit of grooming, your roses should thrive. If you are new to growing roses, here are some tips for ultimate success.
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Red orange rose

Get To Know Roses

An Introduction to Rose Varieties The universal appeal of roses comes from the many varieties, sizes, and colors available. From traditional red, pink, or white—to the more unusual lilac, yellow and even orange—there are many rose varieties that can be well-suited to most...

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