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Shade Garden with Gate

Summer Series Part IV, Shady Gardens

So often, we're asked about what to plant in shade. It can be a bit tricky, based on the type of shade you have, but there's no reason you have to sacrifice interesting, playful greenery in your garden space. Take a look at the primary things to consider when planning your shade garden, and check out the recipes we came up with to get you started. 
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Peach Jam in Moscow Mule Cocktail

Swayed To Shade

In the middle of summer, a shade garden is the perfect spot to retreat, sip on an iced drink, and read a book. So what are your planting options for a shade garden? Read on to discover planting tips and trends for creating your own lush, cool shade garden.
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Closeup of Pieris j. 'Shojo' Flower

Shady Garden Spaces

We're often asked about what to plant in the shade to provide color in a darker spot. We have a few suggestions for plants that offer foliage color and texture, along with a list of shady bloomers. 
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