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Dwarf Myrtle, Lamb's Ear and Zonal Geranium

Summer Series III: Create Cool Combos

Looking for some inspiration for plant combinations that will grow in areas that get shade most of the day? We put together three options that will grow well together in afternoon shade, and that require low water once established.
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Foxtail Fern

Summer Series, Part III

Cool Combos
A Live Streaming Event! 
11am on Friday, August 6

Mark your calendar for the third live event of our Summer Series. Join us on Friday, August 6, at 11am as we create cool combos for the summer garden. We'll talk about what plants grow well in the shade, offering colorful foliage and texture for garden interest throughout the year, while requiring less water.

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Contemporary Design

Reimagine Your Landscape: Contemporary Design

The waterwise contemporary gardens have a minimalist style, using structural plants to set the tone. Smooth stone, sleek pottery, and furniture with clean lines add the final touches. Complete your design with a geometric fountain.
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English Garden Design

Reimagine Your Landscape: English-Style Design

The waterwise English-style landscape is inspired by a place to relax and admire nature. Incorporate groups of fragrant flowers, planted among brick or cobblestone paths, small groupings of trees, and seating to admire the birdbaths or small ponds. Accent with English-style creative containers.
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Rendering CA Native Landscape

Reimagine Your Landscape: Native-Inspired Design

The waterwise California native-inspired garden offers long seasons of bloom,  with plants acclimated to our Mediterranean climate. Complete the design with whimsical pottery, and cozy chairs to observe the flurry of pollinators drawn by their favorite flowers.
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Mediterranean Design

Reimagine Your Landscape: Mediterranean Design

The waterwise Mediterranean gardens have an informal style, with elements of stone, iron, and plants that are well-suited to our climate. Create year-round interest with a variety of leaf sizes, color, and texture. Designed to include more waterwise plants and irrigation efficiency.
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Agave 'Blue Glow'

Succulent Options For Your Garden

The world of succulents is full of amazing and beautiful choices for waterwise gardens. Succulents are unique looking, easy to care for, and have few pests and diseases. Succulent varieties can range from taller to shorter, from flowery showstoppers to border accents, with all types of colors and textures. Succulents are ideal for our Mediterranean climate and we are happy to highlight some of our favorites. 
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Pot-Up Recipe

Pot-Ups with Mediterranean, Native and Waterwise Plants

When it comes to container recipes, the options are endless. Consider including California natives, along with plant varieties that thrive in our Mediterranean climate, or are waterwise. You’ll reap the benefits of local pollinators in your garden and the plants you select will feel at home and flourish in their new space. 
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Hands planting a strawberry plant in organic soil mixture

Organic Fertilizers

With changing water cycles in California, gardeners are looking for waterwise options when it comes to fertilizers. And, when it’s hot, it’s important to use products that won’t burn. Organics fertilizers are gaining momentum because they help maintain beautiful gardens without using a lot of water. Read on to discover a few ways organic fertilizers help plants use less water.
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