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Hens & Chicks 'Cobweb'

Frost-Hardy Succulents

Succulents are popular for good reason—they're available in many different varieties, colors, and textures; they don’t require a lot of care; and they’re versatile enough to fit into a wide range of garden types and projects. 
And our nurseries have interesting succulents that do well even when the temperatures turn frosty. Plant them in pots or in the ground for year-around appeal. 
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Arbutus Marina

Winter Color

Colorful landscapes are not just for spring and summer. Our garden gurus suggest some easy-care, reliable options for winter color—from flowering annuals and perennials to contrasting shades of color and texture with trees, shrubs, and grasses. With these colorful winter plants, your yard will be as vibrant and welcoming now, as it is in spring.
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Frost on Rhododendron leaves

Garden Solutions For January

Welcome to our new series of blogs that will offer solid solutions for questions you may have. The most common questions in January are about dormant care and freeze protection. Our gurus have gathered timely information to share with you about these important winter care topics.
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Green leaves covered with frost

Preparing Your Yard For Winter

In our region, we are lucky to have a very long growing season paired with a short winter. However, in the winter it is often cold enough to cause damage to the plants or fixtures in your yard. Follow our steps to keep your garden in shape this winter, and ready for spring next year.
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Vegetable Gardens

Vegetable Gardens

This is our favorite time of year—tomatoes are plentiful, there’s enough zucchini for the neighbors, and we’re pickling to enjoy when the season’s over. Hard to believe it’s time to talk winter veggies. Let's look at some of the benefits and planting timeline of winter gardening.

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Camellia flower

Colorful Camellias

When selecting blooming shrubs for your garden, don’t overlook the camellia, an evergreen with flowers that appear from winter to spring. Learn the difference between species and which might be the best selection for your garden.

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Citrus in Sacramento

Citrus: Winter Sunshine for Sacramento

Winter’s here, which means saying goodbye to the sunshine for a while, but that’s no reason to feel sad! Citrus is in its prime now, and anyone who has grown their own citrus can tell you that first, sweet or tart...

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