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Fruit Tree Varieties

Fruit Tree Varieties

Check out our list of fruit trees. At the peak of the season, we have traditional favorites and multi-grafted varieties. Bareroot fruit trees arrive mid December of each year, then leafed out trees continue to roll in throughout the growing season.

Selection may vary by location.

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Illustration of where to score a pulp pot

Planting Pulp Pots

We pot our bareroot fruit trees and roses in fiber pots to protect the roots from breaking, to keep them from drying out, and to make it easier for you to plant. Just score the pot and plant it right into your prepped soil using eight simple steps.
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Fruit Sleeves on Display at Sacramento Location

Fruit Sleeve Varieties

Take a look at all of the varieties of fruit trees and shrubs we have available in 4" sleeves. Selection may vary by location as the season rolls on.
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