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Rosie The Riveter Rose

Roses, Bareroot Varieties List

Choose from over 90 varieties of bareroot roses including climbing, grandiflora, hybrid tea, floribunda, along with 24" and 36" patio trees. Shop the full 2019-2020 selection in stores now, and discover the new varieties for 2020. 

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Illustration of where to score a pulp pot

Planting Pulp Pots

We pot our bareroot fruit trees and roses in fiber pots to protect the roots from breaking, to keep them from drying out, and to make it easier for you to plant. Just score the pot and plant it right into your prepped soil using eight simple steps.
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Pruning Rose Bush

Pruning Roses

Learn basic rose pruning techniques. The best time to prune roses is during winter months. Use the time without leaves to get a better look at the shrub shape to determine where to thin and where to make hard pruning cuts.
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