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Bush Doctor® Sledge Hammer® 32 oz Concentrate

FoxFarm Soil and Fertilizer Company®
Please Note: A $15 service fee applies to all orders. We are unable to take phone orders or add items over the phone to online orders at this time. Purchase for Pickup is available at five locations: Auburn, Citrus Heights, Elk Grove, Folsom, and Rocklin. We're committed to fulfilling your order within 24 hours.

A unique rinse formula designed to remove fertilizer buildup and encourage water movement through soil and soilless mediums. Derived from an extract of the Yucca plant to help release surface tension in the soil and optimize moisture and nutrient absorption.



  • Please read and follow label instructions
  • Certified organic
  • OMRI® Listed
  • Suitable for both hydroponic and soil applications
  • 32 oz concentrate


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