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Garden Talk Schedule | Saturday, March 7

Each workshop is 45 minutes to one hour, including Q&A.
Event Details
  • 11 AM | What's Trending In Houseplants?
    with Janet, lead Houseplant Buyer at our Folsom location

    Houseplants are more popular than ever right now. We’re drawn to the colorful foliage, in all shapes and sizes—and let’s not forget–houseplants make us happy! Join the
    discussion and find out which varieties are catching our eye this year, and expand your knowledge about watering, light needs, and fertilization. Learn which plants are a good fit for your skill level and take home something new for 2020.

  • 12 PM | Tyler's Tips To Help Improve Your Grilling
    with Tyler Mentink of Playing With Fire Cooking Events

    Tyler will be cooking on several different grill types—while sharing tips for each—to help you improve your grill game. Do you know the difference between clean and dirty smoke? Ever wonder why searing meat makes it taste better? A grill geek and food nerd, Tyler will lead you through some simple tricks you can try at home to get the most out of your grill for amazing tasting food.
  • 1 PM | Edible Gardening: How To Grow A Bumper Crop This Year
    with Kyle Hagerty of @urbanfarmstead

    During this workshop, Kyle will share his secrets to planting success. If you've ever seen his edible garden on Instagram or YouTube, you know that growing a successful and beautiful garden in our area is within reach. He’ll share timely tips about planting veggies—especially tomatoes and peppers—along with solutions for pests and disease, soil recommendations, and more. He’ll show tried-and-true methods that have worked for him, so that you can try them in your own garden and enjoy a plentiful harvest this season.

  • 2 PM | Growing Your Own Bouquets: How To Plant And Care For Roses
    with Charlotte and Baldo from Sierra Foothills Rose Society

    If you’ve always wanted to plant your own rose bush, but weren’t quite sure of the right steps—then this is the workshop for you! Led by two long-time members of the Sierra Foothills Rose Society, Baldo and Charlotte will discuss how to select the right rose, along with planting, feeding, and pruning techniques. They will also share some
    of their favorite varieties—new for 2020, tried-and-true, and very fragrant or excellent cut flower options.


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