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Rare Plant Event
July 27, 2019: 7am - 7pm
Sacramento Location

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Prices valid Saturday, 7/27/2019, while supplies last.
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The Rare & Exotic for Plant Enthusiasts!

Citrus and Fruit
Australian Finger Lime
Calamondin, Calamansi
Fuzzy-skinned Kiwi Vine (self-fertile)
Lemon ‘New Zealand Lemonade’
Sudachi Lime/Sour Mandarin
Yuzu, Japanese Citron

Button Pokeweed
Drumstick Flower
Firecracker Bush
Hardy Orchid
Matilija Poppy/Fried Egg
Poor Man’s Rhododendron
Red Buckwheat
Uruguayan Firecracker Plant

Chinese Five-Lobed Maple
Coral Tree
Mesquite Tree ‘Leslie Roy’
Purple Orchid Tree
Silk Floss Tree
Torrey Pine

Baby Queen Palm
Cardboard Palm
Foxtail Palm
Mule Palm
Angel’s Trumpet ‘Charles Grimaldi’
Angel’s Trumpet ‘Ecuador Pink’
Big Bend Yucca
Blue Clerodendrum
Burgundy Peppermint Willow
Chilean Potato Vine
Chilean Jasmine
Chinese Fairy Bells ‘Liftoff’
Chinese Fairy Bells ‘Moonlight’
Chinese Hydrangea Vine
Coral Shrub
Fuzzy-skinned Kiwi Vine (self-fertile)
Giant Groundsel
Golden Willow-Leaf Hakea
Grevillea ‘Kings Celebration’
Grevillea ‘Long John’
Hydrangea ‘Plum Passion’
Japanese Aralia ‘Camouflage’
Japanese Golden Spikenard Aralia
Lily-of-the-Valley Shrub
‘Brookside Miniature’
Mikado Restio
Narihira Mahonia
Orange Jessamine
Parrot Beak
Pearly Twirly Helwingia
Peruvian Feather Grass
Poet’s Jasmine ‘Fiona Sunrise’
Red Hot Poker ‘Green Jade’
Red Milk Bush
Sausage Vine ‘Cathedral Gem’
Sausage Vine ‘Ritak’
Silver Leafed Princess Flower
Solanum species--Navidad, Jalisco
Solomon’s Seal ‘Sichuan Jade’
Tea Plant, Tea Camellia
Tropical Plumeria, Frangipani
Wooly Bush
Yerba Mate
Yucca ‘Blue Boy’
Yucca ‘Magenta Magic’



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