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At Green Acres Nursery & Supply we offer fresh sod, locally grown by Delta Bluegrass Company

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Locally Grown 
Grown in Stockton, CA
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Installation Checklist
Sod Roller, Sod Knife, Bolero Sod & Seed Starter, Bolero Lawn Food, Proper Irrigation
Ordering Sod
During spring months, we order fresh sod daily (Monday through Saturday) to have available for walk-in purchases, while supplies last.

As the weather heats up, gets wet or  very cold, we keep less on hand, and order as needed, to maintain fresh quality.
Types of Sod
Did you know that we offer multiple varieties? Our staff can help you choose the right sod for your location.
We’re happy to place orders for for a date that works best for you. Please provide a lead time of two days.
Roll Size
Our rolls of sod are 5’ x 2’ (10 sq ft). We place orders based on your calculations of square footage.
Delta Bluegrass also offers installation
services that we coordinate for you. 2,000 sq ft or less = $320
More than 2,000 sq ft = $0.19/sq ft
Special Orders
Special-order sod is paid at the time of the order.
We’ll notify you when your sod arrives for pick-up, or the window of time it will be dropped at your home (based on schedules provided by Delta Bluegrass).

Please Note

Because sod is perishable, and may be ordered to custom specifications, all sod is non-refundable.

Sod orders of 1,000 sq ft or more qualify for free curbside delivery. Orders under 1,000 sq ft are delivered for $95.