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Amaryllis 'Aphrodite'

Hippeastrum spp. 'Aphrodite'

Single bulb produces large, white trumpet-shaped blooms with pink and coral striping and margins on tall stems in winter. Typically grown indoors as a houseplant. Perfect as a holiday present. 

Plant with Green Moss


  • Landscape Size: 18"-24" tall, 9"-12" width
  • Light Requirement: Full Sun or Morning Sun/Afternoon Shade
  • Water Needs: Moderate
  • USDA Zone: 8a
  • Growth Habit: Upright
  • Growth Rate: Fast
  • Attributes: Fragrant, Flowers for Cutting

Green Thumb Guide

Thrives in enriched, well drained soil that remains moist. Needs shade during the heat of the day. Amaryllis that have been forced to bloom in the winter can be planted in the garden in spring. 



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