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Down to Earth Bio-Live®

Down to Earth Distributors, Inc.

Bio-Live is a balanced fertilizer packed with nutrients to jumpstart and invigorate your soil health. Mix is derived from premium marine byproducts and infused with beneficial microorganisms and mycorrhizal fungi to promote expansive root growth and encourage nutrient uptake. Use with all outdoor plants including flowers, fruits, herbs, and vegetables.



  • Please read & follow label instructions
  • 5-4-2
  • Contains 5% Total Nitrogen, 4% Available Phosphate, and 2% Soluble Potash
  • Includes Endomycorrhizal fungi, Ectomycorrhizal fungi, Trichoderma, Saccharomyces and beneficial bacteria
  • Available in 5 lb and 25 lb bag
  • OMRI certified


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