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G&B Organics Eden Valley Garden Soil with Biocharmax™

G&B Organics

An expertly blended garden soil for planting flowers & vegetable in flower beds or gardens. Improves soil moisture retention, plant & root development, and soil nutrient retention. 



  •  Please read & follow label instructions
  • Contains regionally sourced bark, coir, compost, pumice, earthworm castings, aged chicken manure and mycorrhizae
  • CDFA certified
  • OMRI listed
  • No bio solids or construction waste
  • One 1.5 cu ft bag covers:
    • 18 sq ft at a depth of one inch
    • 9 sq ft at a depth of two inches
    • 6 sq ft at a depth of three inches
    • Transplants three to four one-gallon plants
    • Transplants one five-gallon plant
    • Amends 10 sq ft


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