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Create your own succulent pot-up

DIY: Create Your Own Succulent Pot-Up

A Succulent DIY Container Project In 5 Easy Steps!

Even if you don’t have a green thumb, you can create your own succulent pot-up. All the succulents at our nurseries are suitable for the Greater Sacramento Area. Next time you’re in one of our nurseries, peruse the succulent tables, pick a few and make your own pot-up! See our short video and five easy steps.

Difficulty Level: Easy Peasy

Step 1:

Grab your favorite pot and cactus mix.

We like E.B. Stone Organics Cactus Mix. The benefit of using a cactus mix is that it is more porous and allows for easy drainage. Succulents won’t thrive if they have soggy soil. We also suggest using an organic starter fertilizer like E.B. Stone Sure Start.

Step 2:

Add one showstopper as a centerpiece.

Chose something tall, flashy, with bright flowers or a plant with an ornate leaf shape or structure. This interesting plant will be your centerpiece and all the other succulents will simply fill in around it. Basically, go with what catches your eye on the plant table!

Step 3:

Fill with a colorful variety of smaller succulents.

The smaller succulents for fill the holes, cover the soil and add texture and depth. It’s fun to choose plants that have different colors of foliage or distinct growing habits. Choose some upright plants, but then throw in a plant that will cascade over the side of the container. Try the light green succulent paired with a deep blue or variegated variety, the contrasting foliage will be spectacular.

We love sedums for succulent spillers. These handy plants are sold in small 2-4” containers or can even be found in 6-packs in our groundcover section. Over time they’ll drape and spill over the side and make for a beautiful container.

Steps 4 & 5:

Water and Sun Exposure are interrelated.

Thoroughly water. But let the soil dry out completely before watering again. Stick your finger in the soil to a depth of 2-3” to feel if the soil is dry before watering again. Some succulents will need water weekly or every few weeks depending on the location.

For general tips on watering, we have a Watering 101 Guide, it will change your life… Well, maybe not, but it might make you a better gardener!

Consider location and sun exposure: If you have true succulents they need afternoon shade in Sacramento. Do them a favor and put them in a place with bright morning sun and afternoon shade for happy plants!

We hope this tutorial on planting a succulent container was insightful and inspiring. Succulents aren’t the only types of plants for containers, but they are an easy place to start.

Remember: Container & Cactus Mix + Thriller + Filler + Spiller + Water. Viola!
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