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Soils & Mulch

Healthy plants begin at the roots. That's why we offer natural & organic soils and fertilizers from trusted brands. We've carefully selected blends that will encourage healthy root growth. And because no two gardens are the same, our gurus will help you to determine the soil blend that's right for you.

Soils & Mulch

E.B. Stone Red Deco Rock 2 quart

E.B. Stone Organics™ Red Deco Rock

E.B. Stone™

Use as a top dressing for containers to give a finished appearance. Characteristics Naturally Sourced Great for indoor and outdoor use 2 qt bag

G&B Gorilla Hair 2 cubic feet

G&B Gorilla Hair

G&B Organics

A decorative shredded redwood bark to enhance planted areas. Can also be used as a mulch to conserve soil moisture and reduce weed growth.  Charact...

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