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Landscape and Garden Tools

Our tools are quality crafted and built to last so you can work smarter, not harder.
Shop our complete selection of tools to dig, rake, prune, pry and more, in stores.



    Ames Bow Rake

    Ames® Bow Rake


    The perfect rake for loosening, breaking up or spreading material evenly before planting. Steel ferrule for strong blade to handle connection. Char...

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    Bulb Planter

    Bulb Planter

    Bond Mfg Co

    Specialized tool perfect for transplanting bulbs or small plants. Press into soil then remove to create the perfect planting hole. Characteristics ...

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    Corona Poly Leaf Rake 24 inch

    Corona® 24" Poly Leaf Rake

    starting at $17.50

    Regular lawn raking is healthy for your grass- and this one will get the job done.  Characteristics 24" plastic head width 48" handle length

    Corona Compound Bypass Pruning Lopper

    Corona® Bypass Lopper

    starting at $49.50

    Bypass lopper will cut up to 1 1/2" branches and vines with high carbon steel blades and tapered hardwood handles. Great for easily pruning back sh...

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    Corona Garden Hoe

    Corona® Garden Hoe


    Garden hoe with strong socket joint and screw head connected to a hardwood handle. Ideal for chopping, weeding and clearing garden growth. Swan-sha...

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    Corona WeedSLAYER

    Corona® WeedSLAYER™

    starting at $45.00

    Extract weeds by the roots without the use of chemicals. Steel footplate with tee handle means no bending down required! Characteristics 44" tall ...

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