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Bulldog with Sunflower Hat

Pet-Friendly Product List

Protect your animal friends by using products that are considered safer to use around domestic animals. We have a list of a variety of less toxic products for use in your garden and outdoor areas. 

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    Pet-Safe Plants in a Pot

    Dog-Friendly Plant List

    Help keep your furry friends out of harm’s way by incorporating plants into their environment that are non-toxic. Read on for the list of some of our favorites. 

    Although the plants listed are known to be non-toxic to dogs by the ASPCA, we strongly discourage allowing your pet to eat any plant regardless of its toxicity level. Visit the ASPCA website at for details. 
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    Yellow Coneflower

    Plants For Pollinators

    Designing a garden for pollinators? Read on for a few tips and a list of some of our favorite plants for pollinators, grouped by bloom time.
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      Bright pink rose blooms


      Roses are some of the most popular and colorful shrubs grown in gardens and our nurseries are well-stocked for the summer season. Choose from traditional reds, pinks, and white to the unusual lilacs, yellows, oranges, or bi-color combinations. Read on to find a new favorite for your garden this season!  
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      Wild Boar Farms

      Wild Boar Farms

      Arriving the week of April 15!

      Wild Boar Farms, located in the Napa Valley, offers the most stunning-looking tomato varieties each season. In fact, they've bred and developed several dozen new tomato varieties focusing on bi-color and striped varieties with extreme flavor. Check out the selection here!

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      Japanese Maple 'Autumn Moon'

      Rare & Unique Japanese Maples 2019

      A garden favorite, our nurseries will offer over 30 varieties of rare and unique Japanese Maples this season. Known for their diverse foliage color and characteristics: green, red, pink, variegated, serrated, or lace-like—they all display beautiful fall color. Read on for details. 
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