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Closeup of Pieris j. 'Shojo' Flower

Shady Garden Spaces

We're often asked about what to plant in the shade to provide color in a darker spot. We have a few suggestions for plants that offer foliage color and texture, along with a list of shady bloomers. 
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Purple Butterfly Bush

Firewise Landscaping

Fire-wise landscaping is primarily about surrounding your home with the least flammable plant choices possible, not overplanting, and keeping up with yard maintenance to prevent the build-up of flammable debris. 
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Pruning Hydrangeas

Pruning Hydrangeas: Do or Don't?

The secret to happy, healthy hydrangea blooms lies in if or when you prune. Of course, there's a lot to be said for fertilizing and providing the right location. However, those efforts will be all for not if you don't prune correctly. 
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Pansy flowers in a basket

Vibrant Violas & Plentiful Pansies

What’s not to love about pansies and violas? Their charming little flowers are available in an unbeatable array of colors and patterns. They bloom prolifically throughout winter, when most other plants are dormant. Plus, they’re one of the easiest cool-season...

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Snapdragon flowers

Chill Out with Winter Annuals

Winter annuals offer rays of sunshine on cold, dreary days. Add some color to your winter beds, borders and containers. Here are just a few of our favorites: Iceland Poppy (Papaver nudicaule) Large colorful flowers with rumpled petals nod gracefully...

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