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Maple leaves with red, orange, and yellow fall color

September Garden Solutions

September is a significant transition month from hot summer to milder fall, which allows us to take advantage of another prime planting season. The air is cooling down, but the soil is still warm, creating the perfect conditions to encourage root growth before summer hits. This month, our experts are getting questions about weeds, leaf loss, and putting in new plants.
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Freshly-picked carrots

Fall Veggie Planting

Cool-season veggies need to accomplish significant growth before winter arrives, and now is the time to get growing. Come in and browse all the new cool-season veggie starts, or consider trying your hand at starting by seed. Our gurus are here and ready to help you get started with cool-season veggies. From start to finish, we are your partner in gardening success. And if winter veggies aren’t your thing, we’ll let you know why we recommend cover crops.
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Asparagus Foxtail Fern

Fabulous Ferns

Ferns are easy care, moderate growers with a wide variety of sizes and green hues. Ferns create the perfect welcome to a shady entrance, or a care-free tropical or woodland look. Our garden gurus have put together some fern combinations for their beauty and design possibilities.

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A selection of winter veggies

Fall Veggie Prep

Warm soils and temperatures at summer’s end are the perfect time to start 
cool-season veggies. Those veggies will take advantage of that warmth to significantly grow before it cools down in winter. Our gurus have put together four simple steps to prep for cool-season veggies. Lettuce, kale, peas, beets, chard and so much more are going to thrive in your winter garden.
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Green Acres 5 gal bucket with fall gardening items

Fall Gardening

If you're thinking about growing a vegetable garden this fall or would like to gift someone with the perfect fall gardening kit, we have some great suggestions for an easy, all-in-one growing kit, that is sure to please green thumbs everywhere—from beginners to seasoned gardeners.
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Japanese Aralia

Tropical Plants

If you’re lucky enough to have a pool in your yard, you know it becomes the center of attention during the summer season, and we have fabulous tropical plants to complete the look of your own private oasis. Tropical plants are beautiful by the pool, adding breezy looks, airy, dappled shade, and cooling temperatures. We can help you mix in the look and feel of the beach right in your own yard.

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Raised Vegetable Bed

August Garden Solutions

For August, our experts are getting questions about insect pests and about browning leaves. Read on for some good tips and advice about ants, beetles and watering in low-water environments.
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Dog reading dog-friendly plant and product list

Pet-Safe Plants

When we share our yards and gardens with our pets, we want to be sure the plants and products we use are safe for our furry family members. Our experts and the ASPCA have excellent resources to help you create a safe space.
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Dwarf Myrtle, Lamb's Ear and Zonal Geranium

Summer Series III: Create Cool Combos

Looking for some inspiration for plant combinations that will grow in areas that get shade most of the day? We put together three options that will grow well together in afternoon shade, and that require low water once established.
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