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Fall Vegetables in Raised Bed

Fall Gardening

Fall is an ideal time to grow vegetables; the soil is warm and the air begins to cool off in the evenings, making ideal growing conditions We have tips to prepare your garden for cool-season veggies to grow through winter. 

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Tomato Soup from Sara Forte

Recipes for Summer

We love growing our own food and we're sure you relish the fruits of your labor too. Sara Forte of the Sprouted Kitchen Blog partnered with us for this blog to share a few timely tomato recipes. If your summer garden is still going strong and you have an abundance of tomatoes, this blog is for you.
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Espalier Pear Tree

Espalier 101

Espalier is a French word meaning trellis. In the garden, espalier is a method used to train a tree or shrub so trunks and branches grow on one plane.

Read on for tips to grow your own espalier fruit tree or shrub. 
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Tips For Growing Citrus

Tips For Growing Citrus

There is sweet satisfaction in growing your own fruit, experimenting with new varieties, and sharing with family and friends. Citrus are a great choice for the Sacramento region—easy to grow with light maintenance—and Green Acres Nursery & Supply offers over 30 varieties. Read on for a few tips about growing citrus. 
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Rose Bouquet in Pitcher

Tips For Beautiful Summer Blooms

We asked local rosarian, Charlotte from the Sierra Foothills Rose Society to give us her best tips for rose care. Here are her top tips for maintaining your rose bushes all summer long.
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Pink Muhly Grass

Non-Invasive Grasses

Most ornamental grasses are prime in summer and a perfect fit for our region. But before you start shopping, read through our list for commonly-known invasive grasses, along with our recommendations for substitutes. In addition, we've provided additional options that just look great in any landscape. 
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Peace Lily

Easy and Stylish

Houseplants have made a resurgence because of their versatility as part of home decor. Incorporate houseplants into your design with confidence. We've narrowed down a long list of our favorites for beginners or the absent-minded gardener.
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Silver Grass 'Morning Light'

Grasses for the Masses

Have you considered adding ornamental grasses to your landscape? With so many varieties to choose from, you can select your favorites for container gardens and beds. Take a look at a few of our recommendations. 
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