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Red orange rose

Get To Know Roses

The universal appeal of roses comes from the many varieties, sizes, and colors available. From traditional red, pink, or white—to the more unusual lilac, yellow and even orange—there are many rose varieties that can be well-suited to most landscapes. Before choosing a rose, decide which type is right for your garden. Read on to learn more about the personality of each rose type.
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Potted Poinsettia

Festive Greenery to Spark Holiday Joy

Add some festive greenery to your home to help boost your holiday spirit. Here are six indoor plants that are perfect for the winter season and sure to lift your spirits.
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Fresh herbs growing in terra cotta planter

Growing Herbs For the Holidays

The holiday season is here, and for many of us, that means cooking our favorite meals. Whether it's an herb-rubbed turkey or rosemary and sage-roasted potatoes, fresh herbs can take your dish to the next level. Planting a small herb garden now will ensure you’ll have fresh herbs on-hand to make the most of the season’s culinary delights. Read on for some of our holiday cooking must haves. 
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Bird sits on branch of a tree with red leaves

3 Ways You Can Support Birds This Fall

Each spring and fall, millions of birds travel following food sources and breeding grounds. This expansive journey requires frequent stops for refueling... that is where we come in to help. Learn simple ways you can help support migratory birds this season.  
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Potted houseplant and dog

Pet-Friendly Houseplants

Sometimes our little dogs and cats are too curious for their own good. We have created a short list of pet-safe houseplants.
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Low-water xeriscape garden

Xeriscaping: The Art of Low-Water Gardening

If you're looking to landscape your garden in a way that is both beautiful and sustainable, xeriscaping may be the perfect solution for you. Xeriscaping, pronounced (zer-i-scaping) is the practice of designing landscapes that heavily reduce the need for irrigation. Read more here...
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Patio Garden

Creating a Low-Maintenance Backyard Oasis

There's nothing like relaxing in the garden at the end of a long day. It's certainly one of the best places to decompress, unless of course, you are looking at a lot of maintenance to add to your weekend task list. Learn how to create a low-maintenance garden to provide you with a year-round sanctuary. 
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Pink Crape Myrtle on lawn along street

Protecting Your Investment This Summer

Protect your trees this summer by using recommended watering techniques to keep your trees healthy. During low water years combined with summer's heat, it's important to provide deep watering to keep your trees thriving. Read on to learn efficient ways to water trees with soaker hoses and the bucket method. 
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