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Wasp on purple flower

June Garden Solutions

Pests and disease are common in summer with the warmer temps and abundant food in the garden. We have tips to ensure your plants stay happy and healthy throughout the entire growing season. This month, we’re talking about powdery mildew, leaffooted bugs, caterpillars, flying pests, and lawn grubs.  
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Pot-Up Recipe

Pot-Ups with Mediterranean, Native and Waterwise Plants

When it comes to container recipes, the options are endless. Consider including California natives, along with plant varieties that thrive in our Mediterranean climate, or are waterwise. You’ll reap the benefits of local pollinators in your garden and the plants you select will feel at home and flourish in their new space. 
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Bee on flower

Summer Series 2021: Part 1

Invite Pollinators To Play
A Live Streaming Event! 
11am on Friday, June 4 

Mark your calendar for the first live event of our Summer Series. Join us on Friday, June 4, at 11am as we talk about plants that attract pollinators, and share other planting partners for our region including native varieties, Mediterranean plants, and waterwise options for the garden.

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Raised bed veggie garden

Maximize Your Vegetable Harvest

The thrill of seeing a garden thriving and bursting with homegrown veggies is one of the highlights of summer. Whether your garden consists of a single patio pot, the entire back yard, or several acres, our garden gurus are offering their tried-and-true tips to maintain a bumper crop of veggies all season long.
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Heavenly Bamboo, Yucca, Manzanita

Simply Stunning Recipes for Summer Planting

Whether starting from scratch, or revitalizing an existing landscape, it can be a bit overwhelming to know where to begin. Need a little nudge? We've created a collection of plant combinations that do very well during our sizzling summers and create a space that feels cool and lush. 
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Coneflower 'Cheyenne Spirit'

Summer Container Recipes

Create stunning combinations using our thriller, filler, spiller recipes as a guide. You can adjust for quantities to fit the pot you select. We've created combos with water and sunlight needs in mind, as well as colors and textures that play well together.
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Herb Garden in Terracotta Pots

Mediterranean Mix

We're kicking off our Summer Series with a live event! Join us for a creative, hands-on garden project, we'll walk you through an herb-inspired cocktail, and our guest DJ will provide the music mixes to shake it up. Get the details.
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Herb Basil Italian Large Leaf

Veggie & Herb Gardens

Nothing says summer like homegrown tomatoes and cucumbers. So we've put together some amazing theme garden ideas to kick-start your imagination. And remember, flavor, aroma, color, and texture are all ideal ingredients for summer menus enjoyed outside under the stars.
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Whiteflies on green foliage

May Garden Solutions

As summer arrives with warmer temperatures, our garden gurus are answering questions about how to care for plants during this transition. For the month of May, we're providing advice about watering, tree trunk care, and pests.

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