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Plant Potatoes

Plant Potatoes

The joy of gardening is discovering how great food tastes when it is truly fresh. There is simply no comparison to store bought, and this is equally true about potatoes. We have carefully chosen varieties that thrive in our area, and these varieties will reward you with an abundance of fresh, home-grown goodness.
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Seed Starting

Late winter is the perfect time to start veggies and flowers from seed—and our racks are fully stocked! Starting from seed will give your plants a jump on the season, so you can start enjoying the fruits of your labor earlier. Here are a few tips to get you started and product ideas to make the process as easy as 1-2-3. 
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Garden Solutions For February

February is when we typically receive questions about dormant sprays, aphid sightings, and how to stop weeds in the first warm days of late winter. We offer some time-tested and proven advice for these issues below, but if you need more information, our in-store gurus are ready to diagnose and help you find the right cure.
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Bareroot Fruit Tree

February Garden Tasks

February in the garden is the best kind of busy, with new bareroots to get planted, existing roses to prune, and yellowjackets to prevent. We've outlined a few garden tasks that will help build the foundation for a fruitful growing season by preventing disease and insect pests.
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Hens & Chicks 'Cobweb'

Frost-Hardy Succulents

Succulents are popular for good reason—they're available in many different varieties, colors, and textures; they don’t require a lot of care; and they’re versatile enough to fit into a wide range of garden types and projects. 
And our nurseries have interesting succulents that do well even when the temperatures turn frosty. Plant them in pots or in the ground for year-around appeal. 
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Arbutus Marina

Winter Color

Colorful landscapes are not just for spring and summer. Our garden gurus suggest some easy-care, reliable options for winter color—from flowering annuals and perennials to contrasting shades of color and texture with trees, shrubs, and grasses. With these colorful winter plants, your yard will be as vibrant and welcoming now, as it is in spring.
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Enchanted Peace Hybrid Tea Rose

New Roses for 2021

If you love roses and you’re looking for a new addition for your garden this year, we’re offering four brand new varieties for the 2021 season.

Images provided by Week's Roses and Star® Roses & Plants. Thank you! 

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Dave Wilson Nursery Plum 'Beauty'

Bareroot Fruit Trees

January is a great time to buy a fruit tree! It's bareroot season, which means we have the largest selection available, at the most economical pricing of the year. While fruit trees are in winter dormancy, they are also easy to care for, easy to plant, and ready to provide tasty rewards in the seasons ahead. 

As you choose the fruit tree varieties you would like to add to your garden, consider our tips for selecting success. 
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