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Natural Solutions

Ladybugs 500 pack


Organic Control

This beneficial insect is not only cute, but an essential for organic pest management. Predatory bugs target soft bodied, slow moving insects. Incl...

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Bonide Neem Oil Quart Ready To Use

Bonide® Neem Oil® RTU

starting at $11.50

Natural solution for pest management in your organic garden. Use this multipurpose insecticide, miticide, fungicide on roses, flowers, vegetables, ...

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Organic Control Praying Mantids - 1 egg case

Praying Mantids

Organic Control

Praying Mantids will be back in spring when the weather begins to warm again. A creature with an appetite for harmful garden insects, including be...

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Grub Control by Organic Control

Grub Control

Organic Control

Contains Beneficial Nematodes, microscopic organisms that seek out and destroy more than 230 different kinds of soil-dwelling and wood-boring insec...

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