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Soil Amendments

GreenAll Fir Mulch

GreenAll® Firmulch


All purpose organic soil conditioner. Improves soil aeration and water penetration. Use as an amendment or mulch. Blended locally! Label Characteri...

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Uni-Gro Perlite, 2 cubic feet

Therm-O-Rock Perlite


A volcanic material that when heated above 1600°F, expands and becomes light and porous. Porous surface helps to hold nutrients and moisture for pl...

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E.B. Stone Red Deco Rock 2 quart

E.B. Stone Organics™ Red Deco Rock

E.B. Stone™

Use as a top dressing for containers to give a finished appearance. Characteristics Naturally Sourced Great for indoor and outdoor use 2 qt bag



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