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Asparagus Foxtail Fern

Fabulous Ferns

Foxtail Asparagus Fern

Creative Combos With Ferns

Ferns are easy care, moderate growers with a wide variety of sizes and green hues. Ferns create the perfect welcome to a shady entrance, or a care-free tropical or woodland look. Our garden gurus have put together some fern combinations for their beauty and design possibilities. Share your sun and soil conditions, and we can guide you to the best possible fern options for your own yard.

Green Thumb Guide for Ferns:
  • Full shade to partial shade
  • Thrive with organic, well-draining soil
  • Fall and spring are ideal planting times to capture rainfall

Oaks & Woodland Areas

So many of us have mature oaks and other trees, and four of our ferns are especially suited for these areas.

The Western Sword Fern and Southern Sword Fern offer classic evergreen fern foliage with good size (2'-4' tall and 4'-5' wide). They are also pet friendly and waterwise.

The Giant Chain Fern is upright and arching growing up to three feet tall. This cold hardy, deer resistant fern is wonderful as a focal point with its signature thicker and slightly darker green foliage.

Our Holly Fern is ideal as a wooded area groundcover, and is a bit more compact than the other ferns. This fern can fill in an area within two to three years, suppressing weeds and stabilizing slopes while looking great. Hosta and Coral Bells smoothly round out the planting list for a rustic pallet with zen notes.

Growing Tip: Our gurus recommend planting ferns around the oak's drip edge, rather than under the canopy.

Foxtail Asparagus Fern

Although not in the fern family, the perennial Foxtail Asparagus Fern has a soft, flowing look that we wish for ferns. At two feet tall, it is dramatic when planted in front of taller hibiscus. Your eyes will be drawn to the stunning colors, textures and flowers, and both do very well in the same conditions. Prepare to have your senses on overdrive.

Want more options to plant with Foxtail Fern? Cordyline may be just what you are looking for. Cordyline has striking upright grass-like foliage that will highlight and complement ferns.

Asparagus Sprenger Fern

The Asparagus Sprenger Fern has dramatic arching branches, loaded with shiny foliage. While looking graceful all year, it also gives small white flowers in spring, followed by red berries.

This fern is hardier in heat, and looks fabulous in rock gardens and as a mass planting. Prized for its mounding groundcover habit, it is fairly fast growing and can grow to be four feet wide.

Lantana pairs beautifully with this fern. The variety of flowers available in lantana provides so many choices for a fern garden accent. Place taller lantana behind the ferns, or use lantana as a focal point within the ferns.
If you have just the right spot for Mandevilla, adding Asparagus Sprenger Fern to the area would be a look that is unforgettably beautiful.
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