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Frost on Rhododendron leaves

Garden Solutions For January

Frost on Rhododendron leaves

Dormant Care and Freeze Protection

Welcome to our new series of blogs that will offer solid solutions for questions you may have. The most common questions in January are about dormant care and freeze protection. Our gurus have gathered timely information to share with you about these important winter care topics.
Dormant Care
We recommend to start dormant spraying in November, aiming for three sprays by spring. But, January is not too late to start. Every time you use Monterey Liqui-Cop® along with Monterey Horticultural Oil, you are closer to stopping diseases and insect pests that can appear in the growing season. Follow the directions on the label for ideal protection. For additional dates and details, review our Dormant Spray Guide.

A significant part of dormant season control is pruning away dead, diseased and damaged wood. Remember to remove diseased leaves to stop the spread.
Monterey Liqui-Cop and Horticultural Oil product images
Monterey Liqui-Cop and Horticultural Oil
By using these products together, you will have a greater rate of success. The oil provides a much needed layer for the copper to adhere to.
Dormant Spray Collection
Frost and Freeze Protection
Each of our plants have different tolerance levels for cold weather. Using frost cloth approved for the garden is your best protection against freeze damage, no matter how cold-sensitive your plant might be.

We offer several varieties to choose from. Review our Frost Protection Collection to see which option might work the best for you.

Read on for additional tips to apply frost cloth:
Cold-Sensitive Plants? Use Frost Cloth This Winter

If freeze damage does occur, continue using frost protection to prevent further damage, and follow our guidelines for Freeze Damage.
Bonide Wilt Stop RTU
Bonide® Wilt Stop RTU
Protects plants by reducing moisture loss due to cold weather, wind and sun. Use year round on deciduous trees, evergreens, shrubs, roses, veggies and fruits.
Bonide® Wilt Stop RTU
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