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Bottlebrush Little John

Heat-Hardy Plant Combos

Bottlebrush Little John Bush

Planting Combos That Can Withstand The Heat

With hot, arid summers, it can be a bit hard to know what to plant, let alone create a plant palette that will hold up to the heat, look nice together, and offer a little uniqueness. Now you can plant with confidence by using one of our five full-sun combinations.
Plant list includes: Crape Myrtle 'Dynamtie', Bottlebrush Little John, Platinum Beauty Lomandra, Privet Sunshine
A little something for our pollinators, this combination offers seasonal interest with the fall colors of the Crape Myrtle. The Bottlebrush offers landing pads for bees and hummingbirds amongst the blooms. Add a bird bath to quench the thirst of pollinators.
Magnolia Little Gem, Japanese Boxwood Winter Gem, Yucca Stoplights, Abelia Kaleidoscope
You cannot have too much of a good thing... big magnolia flowers, tried-and-true boxwood, and eye-catching variegated leaves. We've added Yucca 'Stoplights' to the mix to make everything pop.
Plant list includes: Desert Willow Bubba, Dward Burford Holly, Oleander Petite Pink, Juniper Sea Green.
This waterwise combo is all about leaf texture and color. Incorporate different sizes and colors of leaves for year-round visual interest. The blooms are just the icing on the cake.
Plant List: Pomegranate Texas Pink, Autumn Sage, Juniper Green Mound, Heavenly Bamboo Gulf Stream
A little more on the traditional side, this collection offers on surprise—Pomegranate. Who said traditional is boring? Add pottery filled with bold-blooming seasonal colors to punctuate your design.
Plant List Includes: Oklahoma Redbud, Variegated Society Garlic, Boxleaf Euonymus
The best part of this combination is drought resistance that looks great all year. The variety of leaf sizes, colors, and textures provide interest when blooms are not ready to pop. If you're looking to add more to the mix, include yarrow to round out the attraction for pollinators.
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