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MP Rotator Nozzle

Irrigate Efficiently

MP Rotator Nozzle

MP Rotator Nozzles

There is great news for our lawns! Just by trading out your old sprinkler heads for MP Rotators, you can grow a healthier stronger lawn without using more water. To make the deal even sweeter, MP Rotators qualify for many rebates through your city or water provider.
The MP Rotators understand lawns are not perfect squares or on level ground. Their spray is uniform, even at a short 5’ distance or a long 35’ distance, and can handle mild slopes. A matched precipitation rate is unheard of for the home lawn until the MP Rotator.

The MP Rotators have a significantly adjustable arc, giving even coverage on corners, rounded edges and smaller, irregularly shaped areas of your lawn. In addition to expected spray needs, corners and strips are also available.

They use 30% less water than traditional spray heads thanks to the spray pattern and density of the droplets.

The heavier droplets let all the water reach the ground, even with wind. This dramatically increases the amount of water entering the soil.

There are some considerations when using MP Rotator nozzles in your sprinkler system:
  • The MP Rotators are compatible with Hunter and Rain Bird bodies. Just unthread the old spray head from the body and thread in the new one.
  • While buying one MP Rotator head to see how it works is a good experiment, it must be all or none on a station. The precipitation rates between MP and traditional spray heads are too different.
  • A pressure-reducing body is recommended when choosing the shorter throws of 8’ or less.
  • Run times will be longer than traditional sprinklers because of the slower application rate. The run time could be twice as long, but MP Rotators still use less water than traditional spray heads.
Come in and speak with our irrigation gurus to help you with choose the right nozzles to update your system, or to get you started on a new one.


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