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Irrigation Timers

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Prepping Your Yard For Vacation

Planning a getaway this summer? If you're concerned about watering while you're gone, there are easy and reliable options to keep your plants watered on time, without worry. You can choose from controllers that will accommodate up to 24 stations along with a wide range of start times and run times, and even solutions for areas with no access to AC power. Bluetooth and Wi-Fi are also available for extra peace of mind while you are away. Need something today that is easy to install? Hose end timers are the answer.

Rebates for timer upgrades are available, along with many other options. Find out what Rebate Programs are available in your area.

Hose End Timers

With just a few minutes of set up, you can have a digital hose end timer for your existing drip system. Simple, easy to program, reliable, battery operated—allowing you to go on vacation without worry. Ask our staff to to help with the right drip tubing adapters, and you are on your way. No wires, no problems. Run times are available from one minute to 12 hours in one minute increments, and up to five start times per day. Programmable for up to a month of automatic watering.

And now with Bluetooth so you can monitor the system while you're away.


When adding a controller that can handle multiple stations like lawn, drip, landscape, and pots in every possible combination, for every possible season, our Hunter® line has you covered for up to 24 stations. Water needs may change day to day as well as area to area, and there are local watering restrictions that Hunter takes care of for you. When you choose Smart Controllers you also get winter irrigation assistance with rain sensors, because vacations happen in winter too.

Want Wi-Fi? We have it for up to 8 stations.


Our irrigation experts are on-hand to help with any questions you have so that you can relax on vacation, knowing your plants are receiving the right amount of water.

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Learn more about Rebate Programs in your area.
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