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White and orange flowers

Moon Gardens – Illuminating Inspiration

Moon Gardens - Illuminating Inspiration

In the summer months, we do a lot of garden entertaining in the evening. Why not set aside a moon garden space that really shines when the sun goes down?

You maybe are wondering what on earth (or moon), is a moon garden? Moon gardens are a time-honored tradition in India and Japan, designed to be appreciated by moonlight. Enjoy a moon garden to not only escape the heat of the day, but also to celebrate the moon’s influence on the Earth’s environment. By selecting certain flowering plants the light reflected on them by twilight or moonlight create a whole new way to experience your garden.

There are three basic sensations you should consider while planning your moonlit haven:

  • Sight: White flowers, cream-variegation and silver foliage all pop in the moonlight, unlike colored flowers which seem dim or muddled. However, if you don’t want to go totally monochromatic, blue and yellow flowers make good accents
  • Scent: Many flowers are fragrant at night to attract nighttime pollinators such as bats and moths. Strategically place these plants near a patio or pool where they can be appreciated.
  • Sound: At the end of the day, surrounded by soothing fragrance and luminescent foliage, what could be better than hearing the gentle trickle of water in a fountain or water feature? As a bonus, if you have a pond stocked with fish they will help keep mosquito populations down.
Early Season 
Late Winter to Spring
 Lenten Rose
 Daphne ★
 Bridal Wreath Spiraea
 Lily of the Valley
* Items marked with a ★ are fragrant.
Late Spring to Summer
 Jasmine ★
 Fried Egg Poppy
Cone Flower
 Coreposis ‘Moonbeam’
 Fortnight Lily
 Summer Phlox
 Sweet Mock Orange ★
 Million Bells
 Sweet Alyssum ★
 Shasta Daisy
 Gardenia ★
 Nemesia ★
 Carnation ★
 Nictoniana ★
 Moroccan Daisy
Late Season 
Late Fall to Winter
Fall Anemone 
Sweet Tea Olive ★
Iceland Poppy

Want to learn more about building a moon garden, check out this video:

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