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Wallflower and Lantana

Start with the Basics, Part III

Breath of Heaven with companion shrubs

Accentuate with Companions

Welcome to Part III in our series about basic landscape shrubs. We've selected some of our top shrub picks that perform well in our area year-round—and then matched them with companion options that will help you personalize your landscape design.

The plants in our combinations share similar needs for sun and water, and we've created selections that include various heights so that you can layer your groupings from high to low. Remember to plan for mature sizes when planting; you'll save money, water, and labor in the long run.

Breath of Heaven

  • Evergreen shrub with a delicate, wispy, upright habit
  • Narrow, heath-like leaves are fragrant when bruised
  • Tiny, pink flowers bloom from winter to spring
  • Use as hedge, border, or on banks and hillsides
  • Deer resistant
  • 5' tall | 5' spread
  • Full sun to light shade
Planting Tip:
A breath of fresh air for a deer resistant plant combination; Breath of Heaven can be planted as the background shrub, then layer in the shorter Heavenly Bamboo, Wallflower and Dwarf English Boxwood. The trailing white or purple Lantana will bloom spring through summer. Enjoy!

Heavenly Bamboo

  • Evergreen shrub with an open, airy habit
  • Beautiful red and purple fall color
  • Leaves redden in sun and cold
  • Small white flowers in spring or summer, followed by berries
  • Use as semi-opaque screen, hedge, or as a specimen
  • Waterwise and deer resistant
  • 6'-8' tall | 3'-4' spread
  • Full sun to partial shade
Planting Tip:
Pineapple Guava is the backdrop for this group that will thrive in full sun or partial shade. Mock Orange and Fringe Flower have leaf colors that play well together all year long. Manzanita 'Emerald Carpet' is an evergreen sub-shrub or groundcover that requires very little water and maintenance. Hummingbirds will thank you for planting this combo.

Texas Privet

  • Evergreen shrub with a tight habit
  • Large, shiny leaves year-round
  • Showy clusters of white flowers late spring to early summer, followed by dark purple berries
  • Use in container, mass planting, privacy screen, topiary, hedge
  • Looks best when pruned rather than sheared
  • Waterwise, attracts birds, deer resistant
  • 8'-10' tall | 4'-6' spread
  • Full sun to partial shade
Planting Tip:
We've laid out a full sun combination that has textural interest with the profuse blooming Flower Carpet Rose. The Privet can be planted as the background shrub, or trained as a topiary accent. Select a Flower Carpet Rose color that you love and plant with the Heavenly Bamboo and Golden Euonymous as the foreground shrubs. The trailing Lantana will bloom spring through summer.
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