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The Art of Cut-Flower Gardening

The Art of Cut-Flower Gardening

Person cutting flowers in the garden

Cut Flowers: Growing Your Own Bouquet

Welcome to a world of vibrant colors, delicate fragrances, and nature's most captivating creations. If you have ever dreamed of filling your home with the aromatic scent of fresh blooms or garnishing your table with a kaleidoscope of hues, then read on. In this post, we share the art of growing a cut-flower garden—everything from picking the right flowers and bulbs to flower bed maintenance.
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Plan Your Cut-Flower Garden

Sun Exposure: Find a spot that gets at least six hours of direct sun per day to produce an abundance of blooms.

Visit the nursery several times a year to find seasonal blooms so you'll always have bouquets.

Think Outside the Bud:
Don't just limit yourself to flowers—there are plenty of plants that will add texture, color and fragrance to you bouquets.

To encourage maximum blooms, fertilize and deadhead (remove spent flowers) on a regular basis.

Bulk-Up On Bulbs:
Bulbs are ideal candidates for cut-flower gardens! Plant spring-blooming bulbs in fall, and summer-blooming bulbs in spring.

Our Top Picks for Growing Your Own Bouquets

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Spring-Blooming Bulbs
• Amaryllis
• Daffodils/Narcissus
• Freesia
• Hyacinth
• Iris
• Lily-of-the-Valley
• Ranunculus
• Tulip
Summer-Blooming Bulbs
• Calla Lily
• Canna Lily
• Crocosmia
• Dahlia
• Gayfeather
• Gladiolas
• Stargazer Lily
Warm-Season Annuals
• Celosia
• Cosmos
• Sunflower
• Zinnia
Cool-Season Annuals
• Calendula
• Iceland Poppy
• Pansy
• Snapdragon
• Stock
• Viola
• Agapanthus
• Aster
• Alstroemeria
• Astilbe
• Baby’s Breath
• Bachelor’s Button
• Carnation
• Chrysanthemum
• Coneflower
• Coreopsis
• Daylily
• Delphinium
• Euphorbia
• Foxglove
• Gaura
• Gerbera Daisy
• Goldenrod
• Hollyhock
• Hummingbird Mint
• Japanese Anemone
• Kangaroo Paw
• Lavender
• Red Hot Poker
• Rudbeckia
• Sage
• Shasta Daisy
• Veronica
• Azalea
• Camellia
• Flowering Quince
• Forsythia
• Gardenia
• Heather
• Hibiscus
• Hydrangea
• Lilac
• Peony
• Roses
• Spiraea
• Viburnum
 Eucalyptus Leaves
Fun Foliage 
• Breath of Heaven
• Coleus
• Corkscrew Rush
• Dusty Miller
• Ferns
• Horsetail Reed
• Japanese Maple
• Leucadendron
• Pittosporum 
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