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Summer Drinks, Pizza Toppings & Fresh Salsa

Nothing says summer like homegrown tomatoes and cucumbers. But imagine a special garden veggies and herbs for recipes that suit your own personality profile. For example, a garden loaded with herbs to punch up summer drinks. Or customized to include your favorite pizza ingredients. Maybe a salsa garden with just the right heat level, inspired by a rainbow of colorful summer peppers. We see you enthusiastically nodding your head yes, yes, yes!

So we've put together some amazing theme garden ideas to kick-start your imagination. And remember, flavor, aroma, color, and texture are all ideal ingredients for summer menus enjoyed outside.

Now That's Refreshing!

Dedicate a section of your garden to herbs for flavoring iced tea and other summer drinks. Lemon balm, mint, sage, or basil are ideal for adding to or infusing into drinks. You'll wonder how you got along without these tasty additions once you try them. And if you're running short on garden space, an herb garden would be a perfect fit for containers!

Garden Tip: Make your own Simple Syrup, flavored with herbs from the garden, and add the dissolved sugar to cold drinks. Delicious!
Lemon Balm herb
Lemon Balm
Herb Collection

Pizza 2.0

As if pizza needed to be improved! Make it even more amazing with the simplicity of garlic chives for a "wow" factor that can’t be beat. Grow fresh basil and oregano as a topping to finished pizza, or as the perfect touch for your pizza sauce. Roasted and caramelized eggplant is a savory ingredient for pizza. Experiment with a new pepper variety, like 'Sweet Cherry', for its deep colors and a cool, sweetness that will elevate the flavor of any pie you put it on.

Garden Tip: For herbs that bolt (flower) in the heat, plant new seeds every few weeks for a fresh supply of upcoming herbs.
Eggplant Black Beauty
Eggplant 'Black Beauty'
Veggie Collection

Salsa Dancing

There are so many possible ways to make salsa, and if you haven’t made your own yet, now's the time to try. Decide if you want sweet, mild, or out-of-this-world spicy. Look for bright-colored herbs and veggies for salsa, and experiment with new flavors. The salsa world is absolutely unlimited!

Garden Tip: If you're short on space, but want to grow your own fresh tomatoes, try the 'Patio' tomato, it's compact and easy to grow in a container.
Tomato Patio
Tomato 'Patio'
Tomato Collection
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