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Blueberries are a great choice for the home gardener; they produce a large crop in a small space and are easy to care for. Green Acres carries two different types, Southern Highbush and Northern Highbush. In our climate, Southern Highbush is usually the preferred choice because they require less chilling hours to produce. Chilling hours are defined as the amount of time the temperature is below 45 degrees Fahrenheit. Below is a descriptive list of some varieties of blueberries we offer, and tips on how to care for them.

Southern Highbush blueberries were hybridized for superior fruit, soil adaptability, heat tolerance and low winter chilling. Most Southern Highbush blueberries are self-pollinating. However, when two blueberries are planted close together, the result is a better yield. 

Prolific fruit set of large, super sweet berries and the bluest
foliage of any blueberry. Requires 150-200 chilling hours.

Huge crop producer of medium to large fruit.
Delicious wild-like flavor makes it very popular.
Chilling requirement: 500 hours. Mid-season.

A vigorous, upright growing blueberry with high yields.
This early ripening blueberry has a mild flavor and
medium to large berries. Chilling requirement:
200-300 hours.
Developed in Mississippi, this fast growing upright blueberry is a regular producer with a reputation for producing in heavy soils and other less than perfect conditions. Mid-season variety with 500-700 hours of required chill.

One of the most attractive and highest yielding of the Southern Highbush varieties. Bright blue-green foliage contrasts nicely with pink & white spring flowers and sky blue summer fruit. Medium to large fruit has excellent, sweet flavor. Very low chilling needs, approximately 300 hours.

Considered having the best flavor of all the Southern Highbush varieties (very sweet). Very early-season producer with a chilling requirement of 400-500 hours. Beautiful purple-bronze fall color.

Very adaptable Southern Highbush variety with a chilling requirement of less than 400 hours. The fruit is very large with excellent flavor. ‘Sharpblue’ will bloom and fruit almost year-round.

(pat.9834). A great variety for California. The main crop ripens at the end of May. Very productive, with large, beautiful berries and superior flavor. Chilling requirement: 500 hours. 
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