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Plantaflor U.S.A.
Size Chart

Houseplants Size Chart

Houseplants Size Chart

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Large, stunning air plant variety has thick, curled, silvery leaves that grow in a tight rosette. Thin, spiky new growth emerges from the center contrasting with the older, wider leaves. Prefers more light, airflow and less water than most other varieties. 


  • Mature Size: 5"-8" tall, 5"-8" wide
  • Light Requirement: Bright Indirect Light
  • Water Needs: Low
  • Growth Habit: Weeping, Rosette
  • Growth Rate: Slow
  • Attributes: Easy Care, Evergreen

Green Thumb Guide

Air plants thrive in bright indirect light and do not require soil to grow. Completely wet with either a squirt bottle or submerge once or twice a week. In drier conditions, increase watering frequency. Will rot if submerged or left on a wet surface for a long period of time. Fertilize, with a mild solution once a month. Keep away from drafts and windows. 



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