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PVC Pipe & Fittings

Threaded Cap Half Inch FIPT

Cap Threaded 1/2"

starting at $1.15

Threaded cap fitting for irrigation and piping.  Characteristics PVC construction 1/2" size Available individually or 10 pack 100-bluegrass,3-blac...

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Coupler Smooth by Smooth 3 quarter inch


starting at $0.75

PVC coupler for connecting two pieces of irrigation piping. Available in 1/2" and 3/4".  Characteristics Schedule 40 PVC Socket connection type 10...

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Schedule 40 PVC Pipe

10' PVC Pipe SCH 40

starting at $6.00

Schedule 40 pressure pipe manufactured from high quality PVC. Used for drain, waste and vent applications. Characteristics Bell ended 10' length T...

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Threaded Coupler 3/4 inch

Coupler Threaded

starting at $1.00

Threaded PVC coupler for connecting two pieces of irrigation piping in a straight line. Available in three sizes.  Characteristics Schedule 40 PVC...

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Elbow 1 inch

Elbow 1"


PVC elbow coupling to change the direction of irrigation piping by 90°. Works with 1" PVC pipe in non-pressurized sewer and drainage systems. Requi...

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3/4 inch Male Hose x 3/4 inch MPT

Male Adapter 3/4"


Male adapter fitting for irrigation piping. Characteristics 3/4" connection size Schedule 40 PVC MPT x Socket connection type 3-black-atrium-grate...

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Slip Fix 3 quarter inch

Slip Fix 3/4"


PVC short repair coupling for fixing pipe breakages.  Characteristics 3/4" connection size Constructed of PVC Spigot x socket connection  100-blue...

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