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90/10 Tall Fescue

Delta Bluegrass Company
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We offer fresh, locally-grown sod. Cut fresh and delivered Monday through Saturday, with the exception of holidays.90/10 Tall Fescue is 90% Tall Fescue/10% Bluegrass, which adapts to shade and winters well. The addition of Bluegrass assures your lawn will stand up better to high foot traffic.

* For orders less than 200 sq ft, please call your favorite store.

* Online sod purchases are for delivery only. Depending on order size, a delivery fee may be applied. 

* Delta Bluegrass also offers installation services that we coordinate for you. Read more prior to placing your order. 

* Please provide a lead time of 3 business days. Once you've placed your order, Delta Bluegrass Company will call and/or send an email to you to coordinate your delivery details.

* All sod sales are final.

* Refer to installation checklist below to prepare for your delivery.


  • Stands up better to high traffic
  • Adapts to shade, winters well
  • Deep rooted, very little thatch
  • Good color, low maintenance
  • Mowing height as low as 1.5"-2"

    DIY Installation Checklist

    Delta Bluegrass Company Installation Checklist

    Installation Service is provided by the professionals at Delta Bluegrass Company.

    • Installation must be ordered at the same time with the sod order. Installation will be scheduled the same day as sod delivery.
    • Be "sod-ready" prior to installation crew arriving.
    1. Ground is raked and level (free from dirt clods, holes, uneven surfaces)
    2. Sprinklers must be clearly marked
    3. Job supervisor or client/responsible party must be on site for installation
    4. Any special conditions and instructions must be provided at the time the order is placed. These conditions include, but are not limited to the following:
      • Backyard location and access
      • Hills and slopes
      • Patchwork
      • Stairs
      • Wheel Barrowing
      • Special placement of sod which requires a pallet jack
      • Hard to access Delivery Areas (narrow streets or alleys, multiple level areas, etc.)


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