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Apple Trees on Hot Buy!

Prices valid 10/14/2021 - 10/20/2021

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Golden Euonymus

Golden Euonymus

Evergreen shrub with variegated creamy gold and green foliage. Full sun.

$17.50 |5 gal (was $24.50 each)

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Heavenly Bamboo

Heavenly Bamboo

Evergreen shrub with green lacy foliage that turns reddish-purple in cold weather. Morning sun, afternoon shade.

$17.50 |5 gal (was $24.50 each)

View Heavenly Bamboo

Red Tip Photinia

Red Tip Photinia

Fast-growing, dense, evergreen shrub will create the perfect screen. Full sun.

$24.50 |5 gal

View Red Tip Photinia

Apple Trees

Apple Trees

Add an apple tree to your home orchard and look forward to delicious fruit that's great fresh and for cooking. Choose from 'Ambrosia', 'Honeycrisp', and 'Pink Lady'. Full sun.

$25 |5 gal (was $47.50 each)

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Lomandra 'Platinum Beauty'

Evergreen, grass-like plant with graceful mint green leaves with vertical cream striping. Plant in borders or containers. Full sun to partial shade.

$15 |01T (was $22.50 each)

View Lomandra 'Platinum Beauty'

Ornamental Kale/Cabbage

Ornamental Kale/Cabbage

Add textural interest in containers or beds with these cool-season annuals. Cooler temperatures enhance color palettes of green, pink, purple, and white. Full sun.

$2.25 |4 in

$5.50 |1 gal

View Ornamental Kale/Cabbage

Fringe Flower

Fringe Flower 'Rubrum'

Showy evergreen shrub boasts deep burgundy foliage and vibrant magenta, fringed flowers in spring. Plant as hedge or for a mass planting. Morning sun, afternoon shade.

$19.50 |2 gal

View Fringe Flower 'Rubrum'

Woven Baskets

Woven Baskets

Use one of these colorful, handcrafted baskets to gather your harvest in the garden—perfect for veggies, fruits, and flowers. Each basket is unique with several sizes to choose from.

starting at $17.50 | each

View Woven Baskets

Tree Stakes

Tree Stakes

Support young trees with tree stakes. One stake on each side, away from the tree, with flexible ties allows for trunk movement while avoiding breaks or falling.

$6 |2" x 8'

$14.50 |2 stakes with 2 ties

View Tree Stakes

GreenAll<sup>®</sup> Firmulch™

GreenAll® Firmulch™

All-purpose organic soil conditioner improves soil aeration and water penetration. Use as an amendment or mulch.

$9.75 |2 cu ft

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Visit our pumpkin patch to find a wide variety of carving and specialty pumpkins, gourds, and more. The perfect décor for the season!

$ |Prices vary

View Pumpkin Patch

Vast Varieties of Veggies!

Vast Varieties of Veggies!

Now’s the time to get your cool-season garden in the ground and we offer a large assortment of seasonal favorites including cauliflower, cabbage, collards and more. Full sun.

starting at $3.50 |4" Veggies

View Cool-Season Veggies



Inspirational garden catalog for October.

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