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Prices valid 07/18-07/24
Palo Verde ‘Desert

Palo Verde ‘Desert Museum’

Fast-growing, deciduous tree provides light shade for summer days. Large, yellow blossoms in spring, with unusual, bright-green trunk and branches for year-round interest. Full sun.

$100 |15 gallon Standard or Multi-Trunk (was $135 each)

View Palo Verde ‘Desert Museum’

Lomandra Mat Rush

Lomandra Mat Rush Breeze™

Evergreen perennial grass with tall spikes that hold tiny, yellow, honey-scented flowers in summer. Plant in borders or containers with New Zealand Flax. Full sun to partial shade.

$9.75 |1 gallon (was $14.50 each)

View Lomandra Mat Rush Breeze

Colorful Patio Pots

Colorful Patio Pots

Blend summer colors into your outdoor display with an artfully designed cache pot planted with stunning Gloriosa Daisy or Echibeckia. Dozens of flowers in shades of red, yellow, and orange will continue to bloom into fall. Full sun.

$16.50 |12 inch cache pot (was $18.50 each)

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Warm-Season Annuals

It’s time for a refresh, and we have a large selection of one gallon summer annuals including Vinca, Zinnia, Salvia and Celosia. Plant now for brilliant color all season long. Full sun to partial shade.

$5.95 |1 gallon (was $6.95 each)

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Monstera ‘Thai

Monstera ‘Thai Constellation’

Popular houseplant has thick stems and cord-like aerial roots topped by large, distinctively-cut leaves. Deep-green foliage is striped and speckled with cream-colored variegation. Bright, indirect light.

$115 |6 inch

View Monstera ‘Thai Constellation’

Bonide® Wilt Stop® Plant

Bonide® Wilt Stop® Plant Protector

Plant protector reduces moisture loss due to sun, wind, and cold weather. Use on deciduous trees, evergreens, shrubs, roses, transplants, vegetables, and fruit.

$12.50 |40 ounce RTU
$22.50 |32 ounce conc

View Wilt Stop Plant Protector

Red Bird of

Red Bird of Paradise

Add a tropical flair to your garden with this evergreen shrub. Finely-cut, dark-green foliage and clusters of orange-red flowers with bright-red stamens in summer. Full sun.

$42.50 |5 gallon

View Red Bird of Paradise

El Nino® Desert

El Nino® Desert Orchid

Deciduous shrub with light-green, spear-shaped leaves and clusters of light-purple flowers and a mild, sweet fragrance in summer. Full sun.

$35 |02T

View El Nino Desert Orchid

Assorted Mangave

Assorted Mangave

Fast-growing succulent is ideal for new landscapes and containers. Eye-catching foliage has a smoky purple coloration. Full sun to partial shade.

$32.50 |2 gallon

View Assorted Mangave

Coolaroo® Garden

Coolaroo® Garden Cover

Durable shade fabric with UV protection to suit your patio or gardening needs.

$45 |6' x 15' 30% UV or 50% UV

View Coolaroo Garden Cover

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