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Prices valid 1/28/2021 - 2/3/2021

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Red Tip Photinia Shrub

Red Tip Photinia Shrub

Evergreen shrub with a dense, rounded habit. Leaves emerge bright red, maturing to dark green. Full sun.

$7.50 |1 gal

View Red Tip Photinia Shrub

Heavenly Bamboo

Heavenly Bamboo

Evergreen shrub with an open, airy habit and beautiful red and purple fall color. Full sun to partial shade.

$7.50 |1 gal

View Heavenly Bamboo


Periwinkle 'Bowles Mauve'

Hardy and evergreen, with lavender-blue flowers that bloom profusely in spring and summer. Full sun to partial shade.

$7.50 |1 gal

Periwinkle 'Bowles Mauve'

Blue Lithodora

Blue Lithodora

Evergreen perennial blooms with petite blue, star-shaped flowers spring through summer. Perfect spiller for an early spring container. Full to partial sun.

$6.95 |1 gal (was $7.95 each)

View Blue Lithodora



Abundant, peony-like flowers bloom all spring. Choose from white, yellow, orange, red and pink. Ideal for borders, containers, or cutting gardens. Full sun to partial shade.

$2.50 |4 in

View Ranunculus

Trailing Rosemary

Trailing Rosemary

Pale lavender-blue flowers bloom in waves from fall into spring. Heavily-scented foliage will trail over walls or containers. Full sun.

$7.50 |1 gal

View Trailing Rosemary

Golden Euonymus

Golden Euonymus

Evergreen shrub has an upright growth habit with variegated creamy gold and green foliage. Use as a colorful hedge or accent plant. Full sun.

$7.50 |1 gal

$22.50 |5 gal

View Golden Euonymus

    Tower<sup>®</sup> Boxwood

Green Tower® Boxwood

Evergreen shrub with a narrow, upright habit. Oval, glossy green foliage looks great all year long. Use as a hedge in tight places or train as a topiary. Full sun to partial shade.

$55 |5 gal

View Green Tower® Boxwood

Western Red Cedar

Western Red Cedar 'Green Giant'

Fast-growing evergreen tree with a narrow, pyramidal habit, and dense blue-green foliage. Use as a tall screen or hedge. Full sun to partial shade. Monrovia priced higher.

$77.50 |10 gal

View Western Red Cedar 'Green Giant'


Dracaena 'Hawaiian Sunshine'

Compact, low-maintenance plant with glossy, strap-like, dark green foliage with a light green stripe down the middle. Bright, indirect light.

$10.50 |6 in

Dracaena 'Hawaiian Sunshine'

Monterey Sluggo<sup>®</sup>

Monterey Sluggo®

Kills snails and slugs. Easy to use for vegetable and ornamental gardens. Remains effective after rain or sprinkling. Can be used around pets and wildlife.

starting at $9.50 |1 lb

View Monterey Sluggo®

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