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Coronavirus Communication

At Green Acres Nursery & Supply we would like you to know what you can expect when shopping at our stores as it relates to the latest in COVID-19 protocols.

We are open regular seasonal hours.
Monday-Saturday: 7am-7pm
(Auburn and Sacramento Locations: 7am-6:30pm)
Sunday: 8am-7pm
(Auburn and Sacramento Locations: 8am-6:30pm)
  • We are following state and local guidelines and protocols to manage operations under COVID-19.
  • We are following the Sacramento County Order of the Health Officer for the use of face coverings at our Sacramento County locations.
  • We are following the Guidance for Individuals from the California Department of Public Health for the use of face coverings, where masks are required for unvaccinated individuals, unless exempt.
  • We have instructed our employees to stay home if they are not well, and are proactively supporting the decisions of our employees who are in high-risk groups as well as those who need to care for their children or other family members.
  • We are encouraging a six-foot or greater social distance and ask that you do so as well.
  • We communicate the latest news from local news and the Center for Disease Control (CDC) to our employees as it becomes available.
  • We continue to pay close attention to the facts as they unfold, and we are poised to be flexible so we can provide you with the best service possible.

Please take good care of yourself and those around you.


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