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Donation FAQs

I've submitted my request for a donation to the store and haven't heard back.
Please contact the store management directly to follow up on your request.

I requested a $100+ donation via your website. My event is soon. What do I do?
Once we've received your request, we will provide you with an answer within seven business days. Because you and so many others are doing great things in our community, we receive a large volume of requests. Therefore, we ask that you please submit your requests 30 days before your event.

Does Green Acres donate products and/or gift cards?
Yes! In-kind and gift card donations valued at $100 or less, please visit the management at your local Green Acres Nursery & Supply and bring a request letter with a Tax ID#. Sponsorship and donation requests above $100, please complete the Donation Request Form.

Does Green Acres Nursery & Supply sponsor sports teams?
Yes! We sponsor banners for local high school teams. At this time we do not sponsor little league or club teams.



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