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Extraordinary Houseplant Event in Citrus Heights from Saturday, January 27 to 7am to 4pm.

Extraordinary Houseplant Event

Join us for a one-day event at our Citrus Heights location on Saturday, January 27 from 7:00am to 4:00pm. Shop a curated collection of unique houseplants and succulents perfect for the houseplant enthusiast, collector, or novice.

Rare Plants, Great Hot Buys, and Creative DIYs!

Mark your calendar, grab your friends, and join us for a fun event as we showcase favorites and unique varieties to interest plant lovers of all experience levels!
  • Take advantage of Event-Day Hot Buys!
  • Discover rare houseplants that you don't find every day
  • Get creative with our CREATE Classes happening from 7am-4pm
  • Be inspired by houseplant groupings to build your indoor jungle
  • Enter our hourly raffle, for rare and exclusive houseplants, along with other great prizes
  • Shop our home+grown collection and select something special for yourself or someone you love
  • Get answers to your questions from our team of houseplant gurus
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Event Day Activities

Time to get creative with houseplant-inspired DIYs. Available throughout the event.
Kokedama a mossball with a houseplant inside.
Create Your Own Kokedama
Discover the art of kokedama-making, a traditional Japanese technique that transforms plants into living art. Wrap the plant's rootball in moss and bonsai soil, securing it with twine. Join us for a creative and unique potting experience. (Cost: $15.00)
Monstera being supported by copper wire plant support
'Monstera Leaf' Copper Plant Support
Create your own decorative wire plant support. We guide you in shaping the wire into a monstera leaf. You'll leave with a stylish, sturdy, and rust-resistant plant support that will help keep your plant babies upright. (Cost: $5.00)
Test tubes filled with water and houseplant cuttings.
Propagation Station 
Learn all about propagation from our houseplant gurus. Take home your own propagation station, complete with four handpicked houseplant cuttings treated with rooting powder, and get simple care instructions. (Cost: $35.00)
Plant being held
Display of Air Plants
Rare Thai Constellation monstera
Rare houseplants assorted
Large Houseplant
Customer Holding a Houseplant


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