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Drops of water coming out of a watering can

Water-Saving Tips To Maintain A Healthy Landscape

Join us for Water Wednesdays this summer where we’ll share tips to save water while keeping your landscape healthy. From irrigation upgrades to water-saving tools to waterwise plants and more, we’ll show you how to join the California garden trend that will keep us growing green with efficiency.

Week 1: Welcome To Water Wednesdays

Demetra from our Citrus Heights store introduces our new Water Wednesday series. A good place to get water information is at BeWaterSmart.info, sponsored by the Regional Water Authority. Here, you can find out about your local water agency, and learn about services and rebates they may offer in your community. Have questions? Green Acres Nursery & Supply has irrigation experts on hand at all of our stores to provide answers about products and process.
Watch the video @idiggreenacres

Week 2: Convert Sprinklers To Drip

In this week's video, Dan from our Elk Grove store demonstrates three simple updates that can help you conserve water, by converting existing sprinklers to drip irrigation. We have irrigation experts at all of our locations that are available to help you find ways to save water.
Watch the video @idiggreenacres

Week 3: Tools To Save Water

In this week's video, Dan from our Elk Grove store shares tools that can help you save water including auto shut-off nozzles, watering cans, hose-end timers and more.
Watch the video @idiggreenacres

Week 4: MP Rotators

Audrey from our Roseville store shows us how MP Rotator nozzles can save water. MP Rotators use up to 30% less water than traditional spray heads based on the spray pattern and density of droplets.
Watch the video @idiggreenacres

Week 5: Timers

Demetra from our Citrus Heights store talks about the benefits of using programmable timers and provides information to help you select the one that is right for your garden.
Watch the video @idiggreenacres

Week 6: Mulch

Garden guru Julie explains the importance of using mulch to keep soil cool, keep irrigation in longer, and suppress weeds.
Watch the video @idiggreenacres

Week 7: Soaker Hoses for Trees

In this week's video, Demetra shares some tips and tools for watering trees that will help you water low and slow to get to the root zone.
Watch the video @idiggreenacres

Week 8: Establishing Plants For Low-Water Use

In this week's video, Eric from our Roseville store shares advice on how to establish plants for low-water use.
Watch the video @idiggreenacres

Week 9: Amending Soil To Save Water

Julie tells us all about the importance of soil and how amending your soil can improve the health of your plants and save water at the same time...a win-win in our book!
Watch the video @idiggreenacres

Week 10: Avoid Overplanting

This week, Eric from our Roseville store provides tips to avoid overplanting in your landscape. Choosing plants that are suited for your space based on mature size, sun exposure, and water needs will go a long way towards reducing water usage.
Watch the video @idiggreenacres

Week 11: Plan Now For Fall Planting

This week, Julie from our Roseville store helps us plan our fall plantings with a selection of shrubs and trees that are waterwise and perfect for our region.
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