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Size Chart

Annuals & Perennials Size Chart

Annuals & Perennials Size Chart

Typically available in winter. Call your favorite store for current availability. 

Upright, perennial with light green, strap like leaves that grow from bulbs. Striking, trumpet-like flowers bloom atop tall stalks in colors of yellow, white, orange and pink. 

Plant with African Iris


  • Landscape Size: 6"-8" tall, 6"-8" wide
  • Light Requirement: Full Sun
  • Water Needs: Moderate
  • USDA Zone: 3a
  • Growth Habit: Upright, Arching
  • Growth Rate: Moderate
  • Attributes: Deer Resistant, Showy Flowers, Flowers for Cutting, Long Bloom Season, Attract Butterflies

These characteristics apply to the greater Sacramento area and nearby regions. 

Live outside of our area? Please check with your local cooperative extension for the best growing practices in your neck of the woods.

Visit: UC Cooperative Extension Offices

Visit: National County Extension Offices

Green Thumb Guide

Plant bulbs in a sunny spot with enriched, well draining, slightly acidic soil. Apply mulch around base to conserve moisture and protect from hot winds. Use a bulb fertilizer in the planting hole before adding the bulb and burying. Feed again late winter before new growth. Clear away old, dead foliage in winter for a tidy appearance. Divide bulb clusters every 5-8 years.



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