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Double Deluxe Orchid

Orchid Phalaenopsis
Size Chart

Houseplants Size Chart

Houseplants Size Chart

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Epiphytic orchid with many silvery, aerial roots. Beautiful double blooms on tall stalks with striking flowers make a wonderful gift or instant living floral décor. 


  • Mature Size:  Height and width varies
  • Light Requirement: Bright, Indirect Light
  • Water Needs: Medium
  • Growth Habit: Upright, Arching
  • Growth Rate: Moderate
  • Attributes: Long Bloom Season, Pet Friendly, Showy Flowers

Green Thumb Guide

Requires good drainage, as roots do not like constant moisture. When properly hydrated, roots with be silvery-greenish and full. Prefers humid conditions. Place in bright light to set bloom. Move to less bright location to extend bloom. Re-pot using orchid bark. Fertilize with an orchid growth formula when plants are out of bloom in spring and summer, and with an orchid bloom formula fall and winter. Only re-pot when plants are over grown and out of bloom; orchids perform best when crowded in their containers.



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