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Maranta 'Lemon Lime'

Maranta leuconeura
Size Chart

Houseplants Size Chart

Houseplants Size Chart

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Easy-care houseplant with stunning, striped foliage. Oblong oval shaped leaves are deep green with chartreuse centers and veins. Commonly called a Prayer Plant because their leaves will raise and lower through the day, almost in a praying motion.

Houseplants are like “surf and turf” on a restaurant menu; prices reflect the current market value. Because we pass the savings onto you, our prices fluctuate based on where and when specific plants are sourced.


  • Mature Size: 1' tall, 5' wide
  • Light Requirement: Bright Indirect Light
  • Water Needs: Moderate
  • Growth Habit: Spreading
  • Growth Rate: Slow
  • Attributes: Evergreen, Air Purifier

Green Thumb Guide

Grows best in enriched, well drained soil. Feed monthly with an indoor plant fertilizer. Prune to control width or propagate cuttings.



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