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Senecio rowleyanus
Size Chart

Annuals & Perennials Size Chart

Annuals & Perennials Size Chart

Succulent vines in various foliage shapes and sizes. Small, white flowers bloom in summer. Although blooms are small, they have a sweet and spicy scent. Perfect spiller in containers, hanging baskets and may be grown indoors in bright light.

Plant with Echeverias


  • Landscape Size: 1" tall, 2'-3' wide
  • Light Requirement: Morning Sun/Afternoon Shade
  • Water Needs: Low
  • USDA Zone: 9a
  • Growth Habit: Trailing
  • Growth Rate: Moderate
  • Attributes: Waterwise, Fragrant, Deer Resistant

Green Thumb Guide

Performs best in well-drained soil. Allow soil to dry in between watering. Tolerates little watering most of the year, performs best with more frequent watering during hot, dry summers. Feed monthly, during spring and summer, with a general houseplant fertilizer. Deadhead old stalks to encourage more growth. Move indoors if there is a danger of frost. 



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