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Coneflower 'Cheyenne Spirit'

Summer Container Recipes

Container Recipes for any Garden Style

4 Container Creations You Can Build At Home

Create stunning combinations using our thriller, filler, spiller recipes as a guide. You can adjust for quantities to fit the pot you select.

Generally speaking, there's only room for one thriller—the showpiece that is the tallest in the bunch. You can place the thriller in the center for a more formal look, or towards the back to give way to fillers and spillers to grow forward. The fillers are meant to anchor and fill in around the thriller. Spillers do just that, they grow over the side for a pop of color against the pot.

We've created a few recipes with water and sunlight needs in mind, as well as colors and textures that play well together.
Image of Butterfly Bush Miss Molly, Geranium, and Petunia in the Good Golly, Miss Molly recipe
Big, bright flowers will pop against the willowy foliage of the Butterfly Bush. Play with petunia colors that reflect your mood.
Thriller: Butterfly Bush 'Miss Molly'
Filler: Geranium
Spiller: Petunia
Image of Agastache, Pincushion Flower, Petunia, and Verbena in the Pollinators Buffet recipe
Butterflies, hummingbirds and bees will love you for putting out this tasty pot-up.
Thriller: Agastache
Filler: Pincushion Flower
Spiller: Petunia
Spiller: Verbena
Image of Barberry Orange Rocket, Coneflower, Lambs Ear, and Fan Flower in the Rocket Fan recipe.
If you're looking for something bright to fill a dark pot, this combo is a stunner. The different shades of green and the white flowers will light up the 'Orange Rocket'.
Thriller: Barberry 'Orange Rocket'
Filler: Coneflower (white, yellow or pink)
Filler: Lamb's Ear
Spiller: Fan Flower
Image of Japanese Aralia, Autumn Fern, Fuchsia, and Moneywort in the Where the Autumn Fern Grows recipe
Shady spots are ideal for brightly colored pottery. This group will look especially nice in a white pot.
Thriller: Japanese Aralia
Filler: Autumn Fern
Filler/Spiller: Fuchsia
Spiller: Moneywort
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