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Red dahlia

Dahlia Planting Recipes

There’s a lot to like about dahlias. They come in many sizes in a rainbow of colors. Dahlias can be planted as a container thriller, in a cutting garden, or in a perennial bed. There’s no question, we love dahlias for their versatility, but do you know what to partner with these pretty perennials? Read on for three dahlia recipes and a list of other planting partners to choose from.
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Top 10 Sun-Loving Perennials

Top 10 Sun-Loving Perennials

Discover the top 10 perennials that thrive in sunny locations. From vibrant blooms to unique foliage, the perennials on our list add color and interest to any garden. Learn expert tips for growing and maintaining these perennials, and get inspired to create a beautiful, sun-loving garden.
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Bushel of Lavender blooms

Learning Your Lavender

Lavender is the perfect plant for your Mediterranean garden. Its beautiful blooms produce a relaxing aroma that attracts humans and pollinators alike. Learn more about the differences between English, Spanish and French lavender and how to keep them thriving.
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Sage 'Garden Grey'

Summer of Salvias

Salvia, commonly referred to as sage, is a great addition to the multi-faceted garden. These sun-loving perennials attract beneficial pollinators, produce beautiful flowers, and can be used in culinary creations. Plant a palette of colors and sizes.
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Warm Season Flowers Planted in a Pot

Color Bowls for the Warm Season

Build your own warm season color bowl. Grab a pot, potting soil, and some starter fertilizer to create a beautiful display of color for a porch or patio. Show your creative side and make it your own! Take a look at some warm-season combos you can grow. 
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Coneflower 'Cheyenne Spirit'

Summer Container Recipes

Create stunning combinations using our thriller, filler, spiller recipes as a guide. You can adjust for quantities to fit the pot you select. We've created combos with water and sunlight needs in mind, as well as colors and textures that play well together.
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Arbutus Marina

Winter Color

Colorful landscapes are not just for spring and summer. Our garden gurus suggest some easy-care, reliable options for winter color—from flowering annuals and perennials to contrasting shades of color and texture with trees, shrubs, and grasses. With these colorful winter plants, your yard will be as vibrant and welcoming now, as it is in spring.
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